Dohatec Partner for Exponential Growth at BASIS SoftExpo 2023

Dohatec picked exponential development as the stand’s theme for the BASIS SoftExpo 2023. The theme of the stand was to visualize exponential growth in a physical space. The power of compounding has been known to men since mathematics was invented. With the current state of technology exponential growth is attainable by any willing person or entity. Data is unstoppable, speed of computing is multiplying, storage is ubiquitous and not an issue. It is necessary to build space for mankind. The knowledge for building on these human achievements is necessary. As a single grain was used to explain compounding we felt that exponential needed to be explained. We have the tools, we have the intellect, we have the organization to bring citizens, corporations, communities and governments to benefit and thrive in this space in time. 

Dohatec places the highest value possible on our clients. We always listen to what our client has to say and follow through. And now we wish to go even further. We will leverage network effects to create platforms and ecosystems that attract a large number of users and  developers. By doing so, we will enable our customers to achieve their goals faster, more efficiently, and with greater impact.

We feel responsible that these massively enabling technologies can leave many behind and it is our duty too to come forward and play a role with professional duty as we have performed in the forefront over the past three decades.

We intend to create a world where technology drives exponential growth, transforming industries and improving people’s lives. By harnessing the power of exponential growth, we can create products and services that not only meet the needs of today but also anticipate the needs of tomorrow. We are going to embrace a culture of innovation, encouraging experimentation, rewarding risk-taking, and investing in research and development. We shall constantly seek out new opportunities for growth, exploring emerging technologies and expanding into new markets.

We shall transform our business and our space in the world adapting, adopting, engaging, enriching, these massive leaps in technology. We aim to enhance the quality of life for all. Our professional workforce have kept themselves in step with the necessary skills to offer and solve problems adding value. You are invited to partner with us for your exponential journey. 

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