Dohatec’s File Hashing Technology Featured in Top University Lectures

Dohatec New Media has developed the e-GP system to aid the government. In Dohatec’s continuous effort to provide assistance, we are now also helping the students of the University of Dhaka. During his lecture, Professor Dr. Md. Shafiul Alam Khan, professor at the Institute of Information Technology, University of Dhaka, provided an illustration of a “file hashing mechanism.” This, indeed, is a significant achievement for the company. 

Professor Dr. Md. Shafiul Alam Khan

File Hashing Mechanism

File hashing is a system that uses cryptographic hash functions to verify the integrity of files. In a file hashing system, the hash value of a file is calculated when a file is created or modified. The hash value is calculated and compared to the original if someone accesses that file. It proves the file may have been modified if it’s not the same. SHA-512, also known as Secure Hash Algorithm 512, is considered to be one of the most secure hash function systems among the mainstream ones. Therefore, it is more used than the others. It is also notable that Dohatec’s hash system, which was used in the e-GP system, is one of the most secure ones in the industry.

Dohatec in the lectures of the University of Dhaka

In his SHA-512 class on September 13th, 2023; Professor Dr Md. Shafiul Alam Khan mentioned that Dohatec’s use of the SHA-512 system in the e-GP system is one of the noteworthy examples out there. He also explained how Dohatec’s file hashing system works and how it can be used to protect files from unauthorized access. He mentioned that even if an unauthorized person gains access to a file, they cannot read it without knowing the password because the file is hashed using a password. 

What does it mean for Dohatec?

Mention of Dohatec’s technology in university-level lectures can be seen as a significant milestone for the company. It is a testament to the quality and security of the company’s technology. It also cements the company’s position as one of the leading ones in the market. 


Dohatec is proving to be a key player in the software services demographic in Bangladesh. Setting an example and getting recognized by esteemed professors of a renowned academic institute like the University of Dhaka means the company is keeping up with its motto – “excellence, always”. 

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