Usage Of The Ecps System Has Started Revolutionizes Engineering Approvals Process

The Engineering Certification and Permitting System (ECPS) has started a new era in engineering approvals, as diverse stakeholders embrace its advanced capabilities. The system’s implementation has garnered widespread praise for its efficiency and transparency, marking a significant milestone in the engineering sector.

Different stakeholders have started using the new system. Engineers, architects, and professionals alike, have swiftly adopted the ECPS for a seamless approvals process. Notably, a wide array of applications was successfully submitted across various zones, underlining the system’s adaptability and efficiency.

One of the most remarkable features of the ECPS is the issuance of digital certificates, empowering individuals to sign documents digitally and securely. This innovative move has streamlined workflows and enhanced convenience for professionals needing to authenticate their work.

A highlight of the ECPS journey was the recent registration event held at the prestigious IEB conference center. The event saw the attendance of numerous distinguished engineers, including the Chairman of the Institution of Engineers Bangladesh (IEB), Professor Dr. M Shamim Z Bosunia; President of IEB, Engr. Mr. Md. Abdus Sabur; Vice President (Human Resources Development), IEB, Engr. Mr. Khandker Manjur Morshed; Assistant General Secretary (Service & Welfare), IEB, Engr. Mr. Sheikh Tajul Islam Tuhin; Honorary, System Analyst, Urban Resilience Project: RAJUK Part, Pronab Bindu Majumder; Project Director (Urban Resilience Project: RAJUK Part), Mr. Abdul Latif Helaly and other IEB Executive committee members. 

This gathering of luminaries expressed their contentment with the system’s accomplishments, particularly its pivotal role in the permitting process. Special accolades were reserved for the Chief Engineer and Project Director, Mr. Abdul Latif Helaly, the mastermind behind the advanced system.

The event’s participants were predominantly structural engineers, who collectively expressed their delight in participating in the ECPS revolution. The conference commenced with opening remarks by Professor Dr. M Shamim Z Bosunia, setting an encouraging tone for the proceedings. A live registration demonstration ensued, showcasing the seamless process using a senior engineer’s membership credentials.

Mr. Abdul Latif Helaly, the visionary Project Director behind the Urban Resilience Project, underscored the system’s transformational impact. He emphasized that the ECPS ensures authenticity by directly interfacing with IAB and IEB databases, making the engineering process more credible. Expressing optimism, he invited those yet to register to visit the PIU office in Gulshan, where Dohatec is available to provide assistance.

Mr. Helaly also revealed plans to diversify the role of Focal Point/Team Lead. This innovation will enable applicants to select a Focal Point, whether an architect or a structural engineer, marking a pivotal shift in collaborative dynamics.

The ECPS’s journey, from its inception to its widespread adoption, exemplifies a collaborative effort that has ushered in a new era of efficiency, transparency, and credibility in engineering approvals.

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