e-GP (e-CMS) Achieves a New Milestone: Online Bill Payment through iBAS++

In a remarkable achievement for Bangladesh’s e-Government Procurement (e-GP) system, the first online bill has been successfully disbursed to a contractor using the iBAS++ system. This milestone was made possible through the joint efforts of the Central Procurement Technical Unit (CPTU), iBAS++ Team, Dohatec e-GP EOM Team, Executive Engineer of RHD Noakhali, and the contractor, utilizing the e-CMS module of the e-GP system. The accomplishment signifies a significant step forward in streamlining payment processes and enhancing the liquidity of contractors, ultimately leading to faster project completion.

Mr. Mohammed Shoheler Rahman Chowdhury, Director General (Additional Secretary) of CPTU

The Innovative Solution

Mr. Mohammed Shoheler Rahman Chowdhury, Director General (Additional Secretary) of CPTU, IMED, Ministry of Planning, played a pivotal role in conceptualizing and overseeing the development of this solution, which revolutionizes the payment system for contractors. By leveraging the capabilities of the iBAS++ system, the e-GP system has successfully facilitated prompt bill payment, marking a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to digitize and optimize government procurement processes.

Eliminating Delays, Boosting Efficiency

The introduction of iBAS++ in the payment of contractors’ bills under the e-GP system has eliminated the delays traditionally associated with manual payment procedures. Contractors can now receive their bills online without unnecessary wait times, ensuring a more efficient and transparent payment process. The successful payment of contractors’ bills through the e-CMS module demonstrates the transformative power of technology in revolutionizing government operations.

Benefits for Contractors and the Economy

The prompt payment system implemented through iBAS++ has numerous benefits for both contractors and the overall economy of Bangladesh. Mr AKM Shamsuddoha, the President of Dohatec New Media said, “We are very much excited that there will be no more delays in case payment of contractors’ bills. Quick payment of bills will increase the liquidity of the contractors which will speed up the implementation of the projects.” This improved liquidity will also have a positive ripple effect on the economy, contributing to faster project completion rates and boosting economic growth.

A Step Towards a Smart Country

The successful integration of iBAS++ into the e-GP system highlights Bangladesh’s commitment to becoming a truly smart country. By embracing digital solutions and leveraging technology to streamline operations, the country is making significant progress in its journey toward becoming a more efficient and technologically advanced nation. The online contractor bill payment system is just one example of how Bangladesh is harnessing the power of innovation to enhance government processes and create a more conducive environment for economic development.

As Bangladesh embraces digital transformation, quick online bill payment via iBAS++ under the e-GP system represents a key milestone. It lays the groundwork for a future in which technology drives efficiency and moves the country ahead. The successful integration of iBAS++ into the e-GP system demonstrates the country’s commitment to becoming a smart nation and establishes a precedent for future innovation in government operations. We at Dohatec New Media are honored and proud to have played a role in attaining this significant milestone for our country.   

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