National Tenderers’ Database Workshop: Transforming Procurement Practices in Bangladesh

The Central Procurement Technical Unit (CPTU) together with Dohatec New Media organized the largest Workshop on National Tenderers’ Database till date on Monday, May 29, 2023, with the goal of revolutionizing procurement methods in Bangladesh. The workshop, held at Quamrul Islam Siddique Auditorium, drew renowned speakers and professionals in the sector, making it a watershed moment in the country’s march toward more transparency and efficiency in public procurement.

The workshop, which was titled “Workshop on National Tenderers’ Database,” started promptly at 10:30 a.m. Recognizing the importance of an error-free registration procedure, the organizers opened participant registration at 9:00 a.m., giving attendees plenty of time to settle in before the events began. The event completed effectively at 1:30 p.m., leaving participants with important insights and practical information.

Distinguished guests graced the occasion, including Mr. Md. Shamimul Hoque, Director (Additional Secretary) of CPTU, Mr. Md. Anwarul Islam, Superintending Engineer of the Procurement Unit at LGED, and Mr. Mohammad Rezaul Karim, Chief Engineer of Dhaka Division at LGED. Their knowledge and experience set the stage for a lively and fruitful conversation.

The workshop speakers were subject matter experts who shared their important viewpoints. Mr. MD Abdus Sattar, Executive Engineer and DIMAPPP Focal Person in the Procurement Unit, began the series of presentations with a thought-provoking speech. His informative presentation explained the primary goals and benefits of the National Tenderers’ Database, laying the groundwork for following talks.

Mr. MD Ali Akhtar Hossain, Additional Chief Engineer of Planning and Design, who intrigued the audience with his vast knowledge on the issue, was added to the lineup of speakers. His address focused on the database’s function in improving procurement efficiency while underlining the need of transparency in public procurement processes.

Mr. MD Shoheler Rahman Chowdhury, Director General (Additional Secretary) of CPTU, IMED, Ministry of Planning, provided his knowledge and commented on the National Tenderers’ Database’s revolutionary potential. His speech was well received by the audience, as he emphasized the database’s ability to streamline operations and improve overall effectiveness.

Mr. MD Nur Hossain Howlader, Additional Chief Engineer of LGED, served as workshop Chairperson, bringing a wealth of knowledge to the table. His lecture emphasized the importance of integrating all LGED tenderers into the database as a critical step toward fully automating Bangladesh’s procurement system.

The first session of the program concluded with a spectacular lecture from the distinguished Chief Guest, Mr. Sheikh MD Mohsin, Chief Engineer at LGED. His statement struck a chord with the audience, underscoring the government’s commitment to modernizing procurement methods. Mr. Mohsin praised the efforts made to digitize procedures and emphasized the impending obsolescence of paper-based transactions, highlighting the importance of a smooth transition to electronic platforms.

The event not only featured thought-provoking speakers, but it also promoted interaction between guests and professionals. Following the talks, a brief intermission allowed attendees to engage and network, establishing a collaborative atmosphere.

The workshop’s second session began with a comprehensive presentation by a senior official of Dohatec New Media. The presentation gave a comprehensive review of Bangladesh’s eGP system, its evolution since 2011, and the benefits it has brought to the procurement environment. The official then discussed the National Tenderers’ Database (NTDB), emphasizing its important features, purposes, and the tenderer registration process.

Following that, there was an entertaining question-and-answer session in which attendees took advantage of the opportunity to seek clarification and acquire deeper insights into the database and its application. In addition to the existing guests, two more LGED officials were on stage during the Q&A session to make it more productive. Golam Yazdani, Executive Engineer, LGED Procurement Unit, and Sonia Nourin, Executive Engineer, LGED Procurement Unit. The workshop’s welcoming atmosphere produced a sense of camaraderie, ensuring that tenderers felt welcomed and respected.

The site reflected significance, with posters displaying successful previous workshops held throughout Bangladesh. This creative decorating aims to inform and inspire guests, emphasizing the significance of the event and its role in defining the future of public procurement processes.

The Workshop on National Tenderers’ Database was a major event, sparking debate over the database’s critical role in altering procurement systems in Bangladesh. The presence of notable visitors and experienced speakers added credibility to the proceedings, while the engaging workshops provided attendees with knowledge and a revitalized feeling of purpose. The workshop was critical in advancing the country’s procurement system toward greater transparency and efficiency, with the database acting as the foundation of future automation efforts.

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