Learning Session on ChatGPT Code Interpreter  at Dohatec office

On May 23, 2023 at the Dohatec Gulshan 2 office, employees had a learning session on ChatGPT Code Interpreter. Aranya and Rafa from the same office gave a presentation to the employees of the third floor office in order to familiarize them with the concept. Given that the GPT 4 has already become a key tool for technology users, we at Dohatec believe it is critical to stay up to date on its utilization. 

Introducing the remarkable phenomenon known as the ChatGPT Code Interpreter!

OpenAI’s awe-inspiring AI-driven chatbot, ChatGPT, has been transforming the internet world with its unequaled powers since its birth in November 2022. In a recent announcement, OpenAI revealed a slew of ground-breaking plugins, the ChatGPT Code Interpreter shining as a beacon of innovation.

The ChatGPT Code Interpreter is one of the few plugins meant to further enhance and elevate the regular ChatGPT experience, allowing users to improve on its already amazing capabilities. This cutting-edge feature allows for the smooth integration of Python code inside ChatGPT chats, opening up a world of limitless possibilities. With the addition of file uploads and downloads, one obtains the opportunity to tweak and customize the code to their heart’s content, while simultaneously embracing ChatGPT’s inherent ability to provide its own modifications and insightful ideas.

The impact of the ChatGPT Code Interpreter has already reverberated through the realm of data aggregation, embarking on monumental ventures such as meticulously mapping the locations of every lighthouse gracing the vast expanse of America. Additionally, its ability to perform rudimentary yet remarkable video-editing functions has left observers astounded, testifying to its unrivaled capabilities and boundless potential.

How do you access ChatGPT Code Interpreter?

In order to use any plug-in of ChatGPT you will have to be a ChatGPT Plus user. Which means you’ll need to purchase the $20 monthly subscription to gain access. Unfortunately, this still does not guarantee that you will have access to the code interpreter. Because while ChatGPT recently have made almost all of its plugins available to ChatGPT Plus members, one notable missing plugin was the ChatGPT Code Interpreter. Considering the fact that the plugin is still in Alpha, this seems like a fairly reasonable decision. ChatGPT Code Interpreter might have the potential to be one of the most important plugins and breakthroughs in AI.

Assuming you are one of the fortunate few who has managed to get access, here’s a step by step guide on how you can use it:

Step 1: Log in to your ChatGPT account via OpenAI website.

Step 2: Now select Settings

Step 3: Next step is to select the three dot menu from the bottom-left of the window. You will find it next to your login-name. 

Step 4: Now go to the Beta features menu and enable Plug-ins. Toggle on Web browsing if you want ChatGPT to be able to connect to the internet as well. 

Step 5: Close the menu and look for the small drop-down menu under the language model selector. Select it.

Step 6: Next step is to  select the Plugin Store.

Step 7: Select All plug-ins.

Step 8: Find the Code Interpreter from the list and select Install 

Afterwards when interacting with ChatGPT, you will now have the option to use the Code Interpreter plug-in.

Alternatively, there is another way to get access to the ChatGPT Code Interpreter. If you have a Discord account, you will be able to use the GPT Assistant bot to install ChatGPT on it. The bot already has access to the Code Interpreter plugin, you can use it just like you would on the main ChatGPT web-service.

What can a ChatGPT code interpreter do?

ChatGPT Code Interpreter elevates GPT 4 to a whole new level. It offers a wide variety of features. beginning with 

  • Solving quantitative and qualitative mathematical difficulties
  • Doing data analysis and visualization with 3d modeling, sankey diagrams, times series
  • Converting files between formats
  •  image and video editing 
  • Text-to-speech,
  • Generating QR Codes
  • Editing csv and excel files and much much more!

Check out this video to get a more thorough idea about what the new ChatGPT Code Interpreter can do. 

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