Dohatec in ePMIS: Electronic Project Management Information System – a platform for Smart Bangladesh

The introduction of the Electronic Project Management Information System (e-PMIS) by the Ministry of Planning’s Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation Division (IMED) has been hailed as a major step toward the achievement of a Smart Bangladesh.

On April 17, 2023, the IMED’s Central Procurement Technical Unit (CPTU) convened a session for stakeholders on the development of e-PMIS software at the NEC Conference Room in the capital’s Sher-e-Bangla Nagar. The e-PMIS is a digital platform developed by IMED as part of the Digitizing Implementation Monitoring and Public Procurement Project (DIMAPPP) to facilitate project monitoring and assessment. . The system’s design goal is to provide transparency and accountability in Annual Development Program (ADP) initiatives. 

e-PMIS, which includes almost 1600 schemes in the redesigned ADP, seeks to increase efficiency, reduce waste, reduce illegal activities, correlate various data sources, and control fiscal and physical development throughout project execution.

The session covered the e-PMIS software’s characteristics, aims, benefits, modules, mobile apps, external system interaction, user roles and obligations, and functionality.

Mr. Abul Kashem, Secretary of IMED Md. Mohiuddin attended the workshop as the principal guest, while Dr. Mr. Gazi Md. Saifuzzaman, Additional Secretary, IMED (Administration), attended as a special guest. The occasion was presided over by Mr. Mohammed Shoheler Rahman Chowdhury, Director General of CPTU. Mr. Md. Aknur Rahman, Ph.D., Director of CPTU, gave a thorough presentation on the e-PMIS Software. In his presentation, Mr. Aknur emphasized the need of implementing e-PMIS in order to achieve the aim of developing Smart Bangladesh.

Speakers at the event advocated the significance of e-PMIS in achieving a Smart Bangladesh. The platform will deliver accurate and real-time project progress data, simplifying deployment and administration. Adoption of e-PMIS will result in improved project execution and management. The Prime Minister is planning to officially introduce e-PMIS, and this technology will be useful in attaining the government’s goal of a Smart Bangladesh.

In 2021, Dohatec created a joint venture with DotGov Solutions LLC of the United States and Beximco IT Division of Bangladesh, and signed a contract with CPTU for IMED under DIMAPPP to develop the e-PMIS software. Dohatec’s involvement was critical in ensuring that the software satisfied the highest quality and functionality specifications.

Dohatec was a suitable partner in the development of the e-PMIS software due to their experience in e-governance and project management systems. The company’s software solutions are known for their dependability, scalability, and ease of use, all of which are important characteristics for a project management system that would be used by a wide range of stakeholders from diverse sectors.

Dohatec and its partners developed the e-PMIS software to ensure accountability and transparency in projects covered by the Annual Development Programme. ( It aims to increase productivity, reduce waste and collusive behavior, and control the financial and physical progress of project execution.

An auditorium full of enthusiastic listeners

The initiative is expected to simplify project administration and execution, making it a vital tool for achieving the government’s aim of a Smart Bangladesh. Dohatec’s engagement in the development of e-PMIS demonstrates the company’s commitment to leveraging technology to improve Bangladesh’s economy and society.

To summarize, Dohatec’s contribution to the development of e-PMIS is an important step forward in Bangladesh’s journey toward achieving a Smart Bangladesh. The software is anticipated to improve project execution and management while also assisting the government in meeting its transparency, accountability, and efficiency goals. Dohatec’s expertise in e-governance and project management systems was critical to the project’s success, and the company’s contribution to the creation of e-PMIS reflects the company’s unwavering dedication to using technology to improve Bangladesh’s economy and society.

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