From Theory to Practice: IEB and RAJUK ECPS System Workshop With Dohatec Equip Bangladesh Engineers to Lead the Way!

On March 21st, 2023, the Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh (IEB) hosted a session focusing on the Electronic Construction Permitting System. (ECPS). The session, conducted at the IEB headquarters in Ramna, Dhaka, was designed to empower participants on the application and advantages of the ECPS system in the engineering and construction sector.

The workshop was attended by distinguished representatives of the engineering and construction sectors. IEB President Eng. Md. Nurul Huda and many Executive Committee Office Bearers were present. The Urban Resilience Project’s Project Director, Abdul Latif Helaly, PhD, University of Tokyo and Deputy Project Director, Md. Aminur Rahman, Civil Engineer, BUET from RAJUK (Dhaka’s Urban Development Authority) were also present.

ECPS is the online platform meant to make the building permit application process more efficient. The system was developed by RTI international USA with assistance of Dohatec New Media and BUET CSE. It digitizes the application process and develops a single database of construction-related information, saving the time and effort necessary to secure building permits. The technology also enables online permit application filing, which can be tracked and monitored in real time by appropriate authorities.

During the event, speakers addressed the different characteristics and advantages of the ECPS system, such as its capacity to decrease corruption, improve transparency, and boost efficiency in the construction sector. The event allowed attendees to ask project directors and other specialists in the industry questions and exchange ideas.

The event was tremendously effective, and the attendees learned a lot about the ECPS system’s deployment and advantages. The IEB and the workshop organizers are convinced that the attendees’ knowledge and competence will be implemented in their respective disciplines, contributing to the expansion and development of the construction industry in Bangladesh.

The IEB and Dohatec New Media ECPS workshop was an amazing attempt to enhance transparency, efficiency, and reduce corruption in the construction sector. Attendees were able to hear from professionals in the area and share ideas with their colleagues during the event. It was a fruitful and instructive event that would surely help to the growth and development of Bangladesh’s building sector.

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