IAB-Rajuk ECPS Workshop: Architects Enabled in New Digital Permitting System for Construction

On March the Institute of Architects Bangladesh (IAB) and RAJUK organized a training on the Electronic Construction Permitting System (ECPS) with Dohatec at 3pm . The goal of the workshop was to introduce and enable architects with the new Electronic building Permitting (ECP) System, an electronic system for permitting building projects. The session was physically joined by many Member Architects and many were connected online. It was interactive and carried on until 10. pm! Seven and half Rajuk chief engineer and president of IAB were present with their officials. there was no drop in energy or standard of discourse.

The ECP system aims to speed up and simplify the application procedure for building permits. With the help of the system, applicants can file their permit requests and the necessary paperwork online and keep track of the progress of their applications in real time. The ECP system seeks to enhance public safety and lower the risk of construction-related mishaps by automating and digitizing the permit application process in order to increase the process’ efficiency and transparency. 

The ECP system also increases applicants’ access to resources and information while facilitating collaboration and communication among the various parties involved in the permitting process. As a result, the collaboration between architects, engineers, contractors, and governmental organizations may be more effective, which could contribute to a more rapid and affordable construction process.

Additionally, the ECP system can encourage economic growth and sustainable development by offering a more streamlined and user-friendly method for obtaining building permits. The system’s improved accessibility and transparency may encourage investment in the construction sector, resulting in more employment openings and economic development. The ECP system can greatly increase the effectiveness, safety, and sustainability of the construction industry given Bangladesh’s rising demand for building permits.

Architects had a great chance to learn about the ECP system and how it can help them in their work at the ECPS training. The large turnout at the workshop suggests that architects and other players in the building industry are very interested in this new system. There were not enough seats at the venue to handle all of the engineers that wanted to participate, so some had to view the session online. The entire ceremony was live streamed on social media. 

The joint workshop by IAB and Rajuk with Dohatec on Electronic Construction Permitting System (ECPS) and the introduction of the ECP system was an excellent effort to introduce architects to the new digital construction permitting system. The ECP system aims to improve the efficiency and transparency of the permitting process while also improving public safety and promoting sustainable development and economic growth by automating and digitizing the permit application process.

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