Awareness Workshop on National Tenderers Database Held at Sylhet Sees the Highest Number of Attendants Till Date 

Dohatec is happy to report that the recent awareness workshop we conducted in Sylhet about the National Tenderers Database was a great success. The fact that 287 people participated in total is evidence of the National Tenderers Database’s growing significance among businesspeople.

The event was inaugurated by Mr Md Anwarul Islam, Superintendent Engineer, who was the Chief Guest of the ceremony. Other esteemed guests who attended the event were Mr Sattar Md Abdus, Focal Point DiMAPPP, Ms Nurjahan Executive Engineer, LGED Sylhet Divisional Office, Mr Faruque Hossain & Mr Md Shah Alam, Executive Engineers of LGED Sylhet Regional office. This is under the DiMAPPP of the world bank relating to eGP.

The Workshop aimed to create awareness among the tenderers about the National Tenderers Database, which is an essential tool for businesses and organizations to access tenders and participate in the bidding process. The workshop covered various aspects of the database, including its features, benefits, and how to register and use it effectively.

The participants were highly engaged and actively participated in the workshop. They asked questions, shared their experiences, and learned new skills and techniques. The workshop was a great opportunity for the tenderers to network with each other, share ideas, and gain valuable insights.

We are grateful to all the participants, guests, and speakers who made the workshop a success. We look forward to conducting more workshops and events in the future to promote the National Tenderers Database and help businesses and organizations achieve their goals.

The National Tenderers Database is a powerful tool that can help businesses and organizations access tenders and participate in the bidding process effectively. We encourage all tenderers to register and use the database to gain a competitive advantage and achieve their business goals.

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