Dohatec Employees Enjoy a Beautiful Day in the Justice Shahabuddin Ahmed Park

As the month of February rolled in, the sky brightened up with a beautiful shade of blue and cotton candy clouds floated across it. The sun was shining brightly after a hazy winter, and flowers were blooming everywhere. It was a clear sign that spring had finally arrived. The outside world was calling out to everyone, but there was still work to be done at the Dohatec offices.

Hence, the management made the decision to plan a gathering where all Dohatec employees could come together, enjoy in the lovely weather, and indulge in a scrumptious meal. The event was called the “Outdoor Professional Networking Event and Barbecue, … a day in the park with co-workers and families”, which was a combination of professional networking and a casual outdoor gathering with coworkers and their families.

The elegant looking stage backdrop of the event

A mid-sized park in the Gulshan 2 area, surrounded by big trees and a small lake at the center, was rented as the perfect venue for the day. The entire park was available to those present. they could walk, play and relax anywhere with their children. Safety was not a concern. The event was designed to allow everyone to socialize and connect with colleagues in a more relaxed setting, which would help to boost morale and create a sense of camaraderie among team members. 

The day started with remembering the martyrs of the Language Movement Day with the song “Amar Bhaier Rokte Rangano” playing on the screens. People were served breakfast roll, and tea was served around 10 in the morning. Afterwards, some the project leads from the company presented their work and introduced their teams in front of everyone.

The four project leads (from left, Nuzhat Atiqua Nafis, Nazmul Islam Bhuiyan, Md. Masudur Rahaman, and Taslima Akter ) on the stage during presentation

After the four project leads had presented, it was time for some games. Two games were arranged in the same time slot: one was pillow passing (for women), and the other was a race for the kids. With a lot of hustle and bustle and laughter, the first gaming session ended.

Lunchtime arrived, and a barbecue was on so that people could enjoy freshly cooked food in the beautiful outdoors. After lunch, three people from the Dohatec Research team presented their findings. Dr. Qazi Mahdia Ghyas spoke on “Investigating factors that affecting e-GP system in Bangladesh “, Tanvir Hossain presented his findings on EGP Bangladesh and Aranya Bishwas did a presentation on EGP Bhutan.

After this informative session, there were more games. This time, it was a balloon fight for men and passing the parcel for everyone.

Following that, some senior Dohatec New Media employees were awarded gold medals in recognition of their contributions to the company’s growth. Mr. AKM Shamsuddoha, President, Dohatec New Media, himself went on the stage to present those medals. 

Senior employees being presented with gold medals (from top left, Nazmul Islam Bhuiyan, Nuzhat Atiqua Nafis and Mohsina Munir, from bottom left, Wife of Md. Masudur Rahaman, Taslima Akter and Fahmida Akter)

The day ended with Dosa, snack, tea and ice-cream. Young and old everyone received a loot bag. The Dohatec employees went home with a smile on their faces and a day full of memories. The event achieved its purpose of letting colleagues to interact in an informal setting and allowing employees to spend precious moments with their families while enjoying the beautiful weather and delectable cuisine.

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